Digital Marketing Trends for 2015

The digital marketing trends that dominated 2014 are history, and it’s now time to focus on 2015. As an ever-changing landscape, online marketing is due to experience major shifts that can spell the difference between success and failure for the participants. Here are some of these developments:

Mobile first – Stemming from last year’s mobile marketing boom, the increasing importance of focusing on mobile marketing will be the prominent concept of 2015. Marketers would need to adjust to the ever-growing number of users accessing information primarily through mobile devices.

Content marketing will still be king – Content marketing enjoyed a massive popularity boom among online marketers this past year, and its dominance will remain in 2015. Companies are expected to abandon conventional tactics in favor of creating relevant and inspiring content, in an effort to put considerable focus on customer experience.

Original videos – Remember those viral videos from GoPro, Samsung, and Dove that made the rounds last year? They’ll be back, stronger than ever. This is due to the hugely positive response viral videos garnered from audiences. With the widespread acclaim, companies surely aren’t forgetting about original video content anytime soon.

A “noisier” year – The last few years have seen numerous marketers appreciating the value of long copies over short ones—a trend that’ll continue on through 2015. The length and value of each type of content will be considered as important as ever for effective SEO, especially with Google’s continuous algorithm updates.


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