It All Starts with the Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital marketing is evolving every day, and it’s important that a company does its best to keep up in order for their marketing efforts to remain optimized and to continue to produce results. A lack of a clear, concise strategy could lead to ineffective results, and that’s why it’s best to have a plan in mind. Having a defined objective is the determining factor between success and failure. Continue reading


Give Digital Marketing Strategy a Twist: Publish a Book for Your Firm

Service-based businesses in your industry might be becoming more competitive, and everyone else might already be investing in various tactics for a more comprehensive digital marketing strategy. A good starting point is to find out what would make your business stand out. For law offices, financial consultations, accounting firms, and the like, being able to position your business as an authority in the field is essential to garner attention and attract more prospective clients—and one sure-fire way to project expertise is through book authorship.

Publishing your own book can help your business go the extra mile. If well-written, you can earn major attention through different media outlets such as newspapers, television, and radio. You can also use your book as reference for the content of your blogs, vlogs, and social media posts.