Effective Digital Marketing Strategy: Start by Knowing Your Customers

An effective digital marketing strategy calls for a deep understanding of a company’s target audience. Customers, after all, are the most important people for any establishment or organization, and one’s reputation and profits are highly dependent upon their loyalty and repeat business. Failing to take the customer into consideration when creating a marketing strategy may lessen the likelihood of marketing success, and imminently threaten a company’s chance of survival.

According to an article from Entrepreneur.com, “without the right strategy, you are simply wasting resources. The key is to begin by developing an understanding of your customers, identifying the goals you want to achieve, then selecting a digital marketing strategy that will help you to reach both your target audience and goals.”


Is Your Website Driving Visitors Away?

Your business already has a website, and you have utilised almost every digital marketing strategy in the book, from search engine and social media optimisation to content marketing. However, are visitors still hesitant to visit your website despite all these efforts? The issue might lie on your business website. There are several possibilities why it’s driving away customers instead.

Bad Web Design

From poor colour coordination to sloppily-designed navigations and menus, bad web design can put off prospective customers. Users simply do not like websites with hard-to-read information, fuzzy graphics, and indecipherable images. Continue reading