Is Your Website Driving Visitors Away?

Your business already has a website, and you have utilised almost every digital marketing strategy in the book, from search engine and social media optimisation to content marketing. However, are visitors still hesitant to visit your website despite all these efforts? The issue might lie on your business website. There are several possibilities why it’s driving away customers instead.

Bad Web Design

From poor colour coordination to sloppily-designed navigations and menus, bad web design can put off prospective customers. Users simply do not like websites with hard-to-read information, fuzzy graphics, and indecipherable images.

Not User-Friendly

The trend in web design nowadays is towards responsive web design, meaning your website should be accessible from any device, be it a desktop computer or a smartphone. Once visitors find it hard to access your website, there’s a higher likelihood that they will ignore it completely.


Your website should make your story and your goals clear to your audience. Your website will tend to lose more visitors if your website is less about how you can help your customers and more about how great your business is.


Having fresh and relevant content is always a sure way to entice visitors to your website and increase your rankings on search engine results pages. A stale webpage with no fresh content whatsoever will be dismissed by visitors and might even be ignored for quite some time.


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