Staying Ahead of Google

One of the key aspects in a successful SEO campaign is to make certain that a website is keeping in line with any Google updates that may have taken place. This is even more critical for the up-and-coming Australian business, for improper marketing strategies can actually cause rankings to drop. Weak rankings equate to less inbound hits and, ultimately, lower conversion rates. What are the two concerns to keep in mind?

The Changing SEO Landscape

Over the years, Google has enacted literally dozens of SEO updates. More recent ones, such as Penguin, have caused a significant amount of confusion. So, it is first necessary to realise that businesses need to be fully aware of how to adapt to such modifications. Although these updates are designed to allow for more targeted searches, they can also hinder a site, should it not take the right approach.

Organics Above All

We must also recall that any digital marketing strategy should embrace the human audience if an enterprise wishes to become an authoritative voice within its sector. Simply addressing the needs of an algorithm alone will hardly suffice. An online business must speak TO the reader as opposed to AROUND them. While this can boost client satisfaction, it will also score valuable ranking points within search engines.

As SEO can be a rather muddled field, a growing number of Australian businesses are choosing to outsource these solutions to professional providers. The results will appear quicker than many may believe.


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