Developing a Sound ORM Strategy

Not every business will have a straight path to success. Some could experience low sales, then gradually get on their feet after a period of time. Unfortunately, there can be those that are completely hampered by negative feedback from customers and other sources. For a business to weather such storms, its digital marketing strategy must be supported by sound online reputation management (ORM).


As ORM requires identifying the source and nature of bad press, you need tools for proper ORM monitoring. The keywords you use for your marketing materials can be used as terms for search engines to notify you about any posts online related to your brand or company. You can then sift through the results and pick the ones relevant to you.


Once you have the most relevant results, read through them and analyze their true meaning. Discuss what’s being said about your brand or company with your team. The information that results from this discussion will be very valuable for your ORM campaign moving forward.


For the issues you discussed, you need to map a specific plan of action to address them. For instance, you may wish to write an article, blog post, or white paper to tackle a specific concern or perception. Once the plan is completed, execute the plan with your team.


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