Making Sure Your Content Reaches Top SEO Standards

Today, most successful businesses have a website. Without a digital presence, you lose out on a significant part of your market. While it’s likely your venture has its own site, there’s a chance your content isn’t up to scratch. To ensure your SEO tactics are winning ones, now’s a good time to analyse your content strategy.

Is your content fresh enough?
For a long time, Google and other major search engines have preferred content that’s fresh. However, 2015 saw Google formalise a new dynamic: the content also has to be useful. If what you’re writing doesn’t resolve a consumer or client problem in some way, it may not get the results you want. In addition to writing fresh and useful content, you need to increase your social media presence.

Finding the right length is key
Although longer posts usually perform better, you may as well stick to a shorter word count if your content doesn’t have substance. In the process of becoming preoccupied with length, some digital marketers fill their websites with fluff and turn Google off altogether. One way to achieve both quantity and quality is to post at a frequency that makes each factor possible. If you can’t write a daily post that has both, adjust your frequency until you get it right.

Other factors to consider include how often it’s shared on social media, drawing attention through advertising, and keyword usage. With the assistance of a digital marketing expert, you can produce content that enhances your digital marketing standards.


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