An Introduction to Digital Market Strategy for Business Owners

Digitalization is rapidly changing the face of business, at a pace faster than ever before, and the development of a digital marketing strategy has become the hallmark of every progressive company. Chief marketing officers are becoming increasingly aware that digital marketing strategy, if implemented correctly, is foolproof way to target the correct channels – affiliate marketing, display advertising and so on – and make their business stand out from the competition.

Essentially, digital marketing strategy is about understanding where customers are in the buying cycle and tailoring content accordingly. Customers typically move through awareness, consideration and decision phases before clicking, calling and buying, so the trick is to come up with the best strategies to deliver results, in terms of your bottom line. Modern consumers have come to expect highly relevant content and special offers from retailers. Digitalization show no sign of slowing down, so companies that fail to overhaul their digital marketing strategies are likely to become increasingly left behind, and irrelevant, in the modern marketplace.

According to the APAC Digital Directions Report 2015, chief marketing officers in Australia who have embraced digital marketing strategy ahead of their peers are proving their worth to their businesses. They are using customer intelligence in smart, responsive ways to create dynamic customer interactions, although they efforts are being hampered by budget limitations and skill shortages. Nevertheless, Australia leads the way in digital marketing proficiency in the Asia Pacific region and confidence in digital marketing strategies is increasing all the time.


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