Setting Key Performance Indicators

One of the best things about digital marketing is that everything can be tracked and analysed. . If your own web platform does not provide this service, Google analytics can do the same job. Continue reading


Developing a Sound ORM Strategy

Not every business will have a straight path to success. Some could experience low sales, then gradually get on their feet after a period of time. Unfortunately, there can be those that are completely hampered by negative feedback from customers and other sources. For a business to weather such storms, its digital marketing strategy must be supported by sound online reputation management (ORM). Continue reading

Make Your Social Media Work: Notes from a Digital Marketing Consultant


Social media is one of the most powerful digital marketing strategy tools you can use to grow your business. You can create an account for free in virtually all platforms and reach a broad range of audiences, allowing you to connect while discovering new market niches to exploit. While social media channels are useful tools for business, you need to ask yourself if you are effectively using the system. If your social media efforts do not seem to be generating any new leads or conversions for you, you need to alter your approach.

Staying Ahead of Google

One of the key aspects in a successful SEO campaign is to make certain that a website is keeping in line with any Google updates that may have taken place. This is even more critical for the up-and-coming Australian business, for improper marketing strategies can actually cause rankings to drop. Weak rankings equate to less inbound hits and, ultimately, lower conversion rates. What are the two concerns to keep in mind?
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The Local Buzz Phenomenon: A Digital Marketing Strategy that Works

The vastness of the Internet makes it hard for your business to reach out to your target market. Chances are you are advertising to the wrong audience, which in turn inhibits your website from generating organic traffic. Besides wasting money on an ineffective strategy, you are starting to fall behind in the race. If you’re experiencing this dilemma, you need a digital marketing strategy that can sieve visitors to your website, targeting only potential customers.

Digital Marketing Strategies to Get You Started

Digital marketing has become integral to any online marketing strategy. Millions of people tune in to the World Wide Web for various needs—from information to shopping—and business owners understand that digital marketing is one of the ways to reach out to consumers and their target audience, and engage them. To design their strategy for their clients’ goal of visibility and relevance, digital marketers need to keep in mind a few things:

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Digital Marketing Strategies for Law Firms

In today’s technologically-savvy generation, having any form of online channel, webpage, or social media account, either for personal or business purposes, is necessary. For businesses desiring further growth and development, aside from having a website, utilizing other digital marketing strategies is essential in directing traffic and increasing their sales through certain transactions.

In relation to this, professional service providers like law firms are no exception to the rule, despite their services being different from the usual organizations seen on the World Wide Web. Here are some inside information to assist law firms who are still making their way into the internet and those already there. Continue reading